Packaging Design Trends of 2019

What makes a product stand out on the shelves of a supermarket, or your favourite department store? With so many exciting brands on offer, we can often feel overwhelmed with choice.

Effective packaging designs help consumers to filter through the sea of options and hone in on the ones that stand out and have a real impact on them. But what makes a packaging design effective and what can we expect to see more of over the coming year? shared their predictions for the creative packaging design trends of 2019 and what an eye-catching selection there is. We look forward to seeing how these trends develop throughout 2019.

  1. Simplicity – Minimalist design using signs and symbols to share what the product is. You wont need many words at all with this trend.
  2. Doodles – Bringing out the fun aspects of a product and appealing to the child in all of us will be a key part of this trend.
  3. Pastels – These calming colours give a warm and welcoming feel to products that encourages consumers to try the brand.
  4. Movie Posters – Movie Artwork has always been hugely popular and this trend is a great way of sharing the story of a product
  5. Outstanding Shapes and Materials – This trend plays with the physical shape and make up of a products packaging. A really exciting one to look out for in 2019.
  6. Photography – A classic trend that lends itself to sharing complex images in a creative way to make people stop and take note.
  7. Vintage – Designers cleverly use nostalgic design to attract us to products through associations of quality, tradition and integrity.
  8. Flexible Packaging – By using fewer materials to create attractive, quality packaging, this trend champions user friendly, environmentally conscious packaging.
  9. Nutritional Facts Panel – Designers will need to incorporate greater clarity around the nutritional content of our food this year
  10. Vibrant Gradients – A shift from flat designs to gradients will give rise to more colourful packaging designs this year

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